Cost- Saving Landscape for Your Home

Home gardening, front yard, or backyard landscape designs can enhance the outside look of a home and can create the first impression of the home entrance. While interior decorations and designs concepts often go out of style, landscaping adds value to a property with fuller grow plants and attractive with flourishing and mature trees, over time. A landscape full of large, mature plants enhances the value of a property and can satisfy the homeowner's money, time, and effort in caring for the garden.

Landscaping a garden or yard is not just about planting some flowers, trees, or shrubs on the ground. There are garden concepts that can be introduced for home garden or yard landscape designs and they can vary from butterfly gardens, fruits, vegetables, & herb gardens, organic gardens, water gardens, wilderness gardens, rock gardens, Xeriscape,  Zen gardens, formal or informal gardens, etc. The diversity of plant species in the landscape design increases the curb appealing and makes it more attractive.

Home's Curb Appeal

Home's Curb Appeal | Photo By:

The financial investment for a gardening or yard landscape project varies according to the need for client satisfaction. Sometimes it seems that budget constraints will come forward in the project implementations and the project costs may vary depending on these factors;

  • The size of the project yard
  • The proposed hardscape and softscape materials
  • The desired features like patio, pergola, deck, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, steps, retaining walls, swimming pool terraces, etc
  • The distance from material source to project location
  • Labor costs

Hiring professionals to design and build a project is important in handling tasks such as identifying the suitable plants for specific site conditions, construction materials selection, steps or retaining wall construction, water features installing, patios or fence installing, etc. Then the project cost may increase along with the consultancy fees and labor costs. Even after the implementations, homeowners have to upkeep costs, including watering, fertilizing, pesticide and repairs. Continuous maintenance, pruning, weeding, mulching, irrigation, and harvesting also require time and effort to make an attractive and livable garden or yard space.

Hence, budget-friendly, money-saving landscaping techniques are becoming a new trend to increase the home's curb appeal to display personal tastes in outdoor living spaces.

Budget friendly livable garden and patio design

A Budget- friendly Garden Space | Photo By:

Here are some tips for cost-saving, low- maintenance, and earth-friendly landscaping for an eye-catching landscape;

Landscape Design

  • To create an intimate space for a garden or a yard landscape design, it is important to create a series of spaces that are divided according to the functionality of the outdoor space, such as public spaces, living and dining area, outdoor kitchen area, and recreational areas
  • After the spatial plan, it should be organized in a floor plan to connect those spaces and to specify the location, and determine the size of each space
  • Having a conceptual idea for a project and following the landscape design principles of scale, balance, mass, and harmony will help to form its design shapes and interestingly choose desired colors for the garden

Hiring a professional landscape architect for the designing part is an ideal solution for managing a dream garden or yard within the available budget. The online landscape designing platforms offer a flexible process for clients to get their customized projects within an affordable price range, and they provide design drawings through various mediums such as 2D drawings for more details as a working document and 3D drawings for visualization of the project idea.

Contemporary Backyard Landscape Design

A Contemporary Backyard | Photo By:

Landscape Construction and Planting Stage

Working with a professional landscape contractor will help to make decisions based on the budget and quality of the project. It is important to determine the overall cost and budget estimate of the project before commencing work and obtain multiple estimates would be helpful to ensure to pay a fair amount. If the project cost is too expensive, there are ways to adjust and operate the works;

  • Implementation of the project in several stages
  • Reducing the excessive square foot sizes of patios and walkways
  • Using native plants and start with small plants, eventually, it will grow fully
  • Replace with locally available materials to reduce unnecessary costs of distant transportation and labor costs
  • Avoid alternative, high-cost design elements such as pergolas, seating walls, or retaining walls and swimming pools

Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction Phase | Photo By:

In addition to the strategies mentioned, there are several other factors to consider during the landscape design stage and construction stage;

Pathways, Driveways and Patio

  • Stepping stones or paver pathways can be used as a budget-friendly walkway to provide space for a yard, which will give a sense of direction from one part to another
  • Driveway's attractiveness can enhance aesthetically by using materials such as cobblestones or permeable pavers and softening of the edges by plants
  • To obtain the simplest and cost effective patio materials instead of pavers, it can be used different types of pea gravels with different sizes and colors
Stepping stone pathway

Stepping Stone Pathway | Photo By:

Choosing suitable plants

Using native plants for landscape designs helps to protect the environment and it requires less water and care as these plants grow naturally in the local climate. It is important to plant small plants to save on the purchase price of shrubs, perennials, or trees and try to avoid buying large plants that can be expensive, unless there is a special need to have an instant effect to the garden such as privacy with screen hedges or special views in the design. Lawn installation and repairing also expensive with the square footage area. Therefore, reducing the lawn area or planting grass seeds instead of sod will save a considerable amount of money.     

  • To keep an elegant look to the house entrance, it can use plant troughs or small trellis with self-climbing plant vines
  • Plant some deciduous or evergreen trees around the garden to increase greenery and shade, which can be an efficient energy-saving method during the summer
  • Use perennial plants for planting beds as they are given in color every growing season and save money on buying new plants annually
  • Having rock gardens or Xeriscape or drought-tolerant plants are another method for low maintenance and money-saving in a garden or a yard and the use of pebbles, stones, and boulders of different colors and sizes in contrast with the greenery create an appealing outdoor environment
  • Applying organic mulches to keep a textured ground cover for flower beds helps to maintain soil moisture by increasing water infiltration

Native Plants for budget- friendly landscape designs

Native Plant Species in a Landscape Design | Photo By:

Night Functioning

  • Exterior lighting is important for evening gatherings and installation of affordable garden lamps, pathway lights, or string lights in necessary places according to the night function. It gives a sense of depth to a garden or yard at night and a sense of security while saving the money
outdoor garden lighting
 Outdoor Garden Lighting | Photo By:


Material recycling and reusing

  • Try to reuse and recycle plant troughs, furniture, or materials whenever possible is one of the best ways to save money as well as it gives a rustic appearance to the garden or yard
  • Instead of spending money on chemical fertilizers it is better to try make organic compost manure from the garden and kitchen waste, which adds nutrients to the soil while increasing the aeration and soil moisture content
Reusing furnitures for an outdoor seating space